From Arnold until now: Bodybuilding

arnold-schwarzeneggers-8-best-training-principles-musclepharm-arnold-series-graphic-2Most of us are familiar with the internationally famous actor known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was an absolute dominant icon of the 80’s because of his movie career. But I became interested in his life for another reason: bodybuilding.

I still remember the first time I saw him on the cover of a bodybuilding magazine. I was completely fascinated with his physique and wondered what do you have to do to get that big. It would be years later before I went on own pathway to learn about getting bigger and stronger, but seeing his picture was a starting place.

My own initiation with weights came when I was about 15 years old. One of my friends told me he had joined a local gym and wanted to know if I would lift with him. I did, and I immediately saw what lifting weights could do for me: I was getting increasingly stronger each time I went to the gym. Over time I started seeing that my whole body was transforming: a bigger, stronger, more confident version of me. Everyone seemed to notice–including my female classmates. It was an awesome thing to look in the mirror and see what I was accomplishing.

This has gone on for years: I have regularly gone to the gym to stay big and strong. But I have run across a system that has made things even better for me: Ben Pakulski’s Mass Intentions: When I started using his program I realized that I had untapped muscle growth. I simply had not been using training techniques that were advanced enough.

Now I am continuing to train regularly but I feel like I am getting a little bit more out of my workouts. I know I will never put on another 30 lb. of muscle like I did back when I was a beginner. But it’s nice to see myself making gains again after all this time.