We’ve said it before. There ain’t no snow in San Jo.

But there’s plenty of rain in store for the parade of pretenders that show up Sharks clad to a “pavilion” named after two old dudes who tinkered with computer parts, which sounds more exciting than watching the most boring sport ever invented.

May the Red Wings send the Thornton jerseys back into the closet for summer, and may they ship the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Versus crew, and Drew Remenda’s dome to some other city, far from here.

That doesn’t know shit about soccer.

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5 Responses to SHARK TANK???

  1. redwingsmustdie says:

    Are you trying to tell me that hockey is more boring than baseball? You obviously haven’t been watching. GO SHARKS!!!!

  2. Kanakalew says:

    Is there any other sports team that is as a big a choker as ‘The Sharks???’

  3. D says:

    Hockey is great. It’s a whole arena full of morons I don’t have to deal with every time there’s a home game.

  4. Todd McLellan says:

    Hey Slumdog – thanks for all the spam on legitimate blogs.

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