Steve Perry is proof positive, along with Geddy Lee (who we’ll NEVER rip on because his music rips), that even the ugliest dude can be a babe magnet if he’s a musician.

Well, it was that way in high school.

Based on the photo above he’s seen better days. The 4th album, Infinity, basically ruined Journey though it has its moments because Gregg Rolie was still an integral cog in an outfit who hadn’t sold an industry worthy amount of wax with their first three releases.

Then Herbie Herbert, their Bill Graham trained manager (nod, wink) stepped in, and Steve Perry was thrust upon us. They needed hits.

Hits need a singer.

Especially androgynous ones.

So now giants fans, with that history lesson firmly in hand how can you be the butch Blackbeards and have a guy? who’s been replaced by a youtube star as your mascot?

Do yourselves a huge favor and stop lying to yourself that sell out Neal Schon’s shlock rock is real Journey.

The real shit’s right below recorded beforeĀ Aynsley Dunbar bailed and giants fans began believing they were anything.

Other than one hit wonders.


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55 Responses to PLEASE STOP BELIEVIN’…

  1. dingo says:

    Steve Perry – how gay! (that photo is unbelievable) – a fitting figurehead and theme song for the woeful gnats.

  2. Susan says:

    Woah! Check yourself when your 62??? When Steve Perry was hot 30yrs. ago, at age 32, I’m sure most 20yr. old’s didn’t look as good! I am prejudice, he is an acquaintance of mine and the humblest man you could wish to know! He will be hot until the day he dies – and his music and talent will live on forever! God Bless that man and his voice!

    • Rachel says:

      You tell ‘em Susan. I wish he were an aquaintance of mine..I adore the man and think he’s still totally hot. And that voice…don’t even get me started. Pure heaven.

  3. Effin_Ess says:

    whatever bitter Dingo, woeful team 3 wins away from WS championship

  4. tater1977 says:

    Well I guess only Jealous people youtself like to rag on others..who probably have never done one thing to you..
    Grow up & get a life Child !!!!
    Gooo Giants !!!!

    • Dan Smith says:

      Drowningboy, go back to your side of the bay, The Ghetto. And can the A’s ever sell out a game?! Didnt think so and when us Giants play the A’s, it’s always 70-30% Giants fans in your dump of a ballpark. People only reference titles when they havent been good since 1989. Do you still cry yourself to sleep b/c of Fat Giambi’s slow ass getting thrown out at home in the ALCS?????

  5. Lynda says:

    Now, why would anyone be jealous of a multi-millionaire rock star i wonder? lol. Steve Perry is one of the greatest male vocalists ever. Hes a fine looking man too, even at 61, millions of women around the world love him, and have done for over 30 years. Perrys voice, writing ability, and good looks are is also the main reason why Journey became so successful. OK, some fans like the pre-perry Journey stuff, thats fine, but dont knock the man who made Schon et al multimillionaires, and famous world wide!

    • K.P. says:

      I have loved Steve Perry for over 30 yrs. This man is awesome!! And if it weren’t for him.. Neal Schons band would have been under yrs ago. Steve came in with his voice and put Journey on the charts world wide. Don’t knock a person you don’t know. I for one am an acquaintance of his also.. and he is a very kind hearted man. A great song writer.. and still a fabulous voice… So don’t call him ugly.. you have no idea who he really is. He will always be loved by millions and will forever go down as “Journeys Lead Man”.. why don’t you go find where Schon said..”Steve Perry is Journey,, and he is what made them the band they were “… Get over it.. Don’t knock a wonderful person whom you DO NOT know. Perry On!!! GO GIANTS!!!!

      • drowningboy says:

        That just shows how stupid Schon is.

        PS: We know a guy who knows a guy who knows Perry. And we still think he’s ugly.

      • Julie says:

        Hi K.P.!
        Good reply and thanks for standing up for Steve! I noticed you personally know him? How did you meet Steve? Please tell me more about him…like what kind of person he is. (i.e. outgoing, funny, etc…) And I am wondering where he likes to hang out or where he frequents when he’s out and about in his area of San Diego. Just hope I might run into him so I can say hello and share a smile and hug. Thanks!
        Julie (you can email me at: : )

      • drowningboy says:

        Just what the world needs julie…another celebrity stalker.

  6. Dan Smith says:

    Drowning boy! No witty response about my Giants?! Standard A’s fan’s start it, but can never finish. You know you’ll be watching the WS tonite, that’s if you can afford a TV

  7. This blog sucks says:

    Steve Perry is a legend, and a rock god. You write stupid, hate-filled blog posts. Maybe that’s why he get’s more chicks than you. That, and the fact that he’s actually straight.

    • sara says:

      this one (comment) finds me in awe…and disappointment. but, at the same time happy and proud that this person is able to read and use a computer-probably better than i do. they most likely have much more time on their hands. oh well. the rapture is coming soon, right?then we’ll be relieved of these poor, suffering souls. please, put them outta my misery. giggle.kinda.

  8. Lisa says:

    Drowning Boy if this is all you have to complain about I definitely want your life!!! People who ridicule and degrade others seriously need to take a good look at themselves in my opinion.Without Herbie Herbert ‘stepping in’ Journey would have been ‘dead and buried’ because as you yourself wrote Drowning Boy ‘they needed a singer’ who would give them radio play. With Steve ‘The Voice’ Perry as their lead singer Journey got exactly that. They achieved hit song/album after hit song/album due to Steve Perry’s amazing emotive singing voice and song writing ability and with that also came a huge fanbase – some of which still love Journey today. Neal Schon,Arnel Pineda etc should be thanking Steve Perry every day for the lifestyle they now have.

  9. MrPerrysGirl says:

    I too loved Journey Pre- Steve Perry, as much as I loved Journey with him. Steve gave his all to a band of “Brothers” that walked away when he needed them the most. This band has since gone on to perform as only a shadow of their former musical selves. For someone like Drowning Boy who has no life, no talent and no respect, this is a perfect way to make his miserable existence seem worthwhile. But he has gotten his 15 minutes after all, we all replied…..

    • drowningboy says:

      Steve Perry sang some of the worst songs ever.

      And we’re the ones with no talent???

      • Tyler says:

        I think its so funny how someone can rag on a guy whose over 60 years old and has millions of dollars. Im 23 and my favorite band is journey “steve perry era” journey. Maybe its the fact that they didnt have a single hit until he got into the band period. A couple thousand people might have listened to them before he joined but look at the following he brought to them, the fame he brought them. Who the hell cares what he looks like. Hes a rock legend. And as far as im concerned journey today is a steve perry cover band that plays all their old hits and can’t sell out an arena without him. He has more talent than that whole band and it shows when Arnel gets on stage and sings dont sop beweavin. Point made

      • drowningboy says:

        Funny how all you Perry fans keep referencing “Fame” and “Millions” as if that makes good music.

        Makes me hate em even more.

  10. Noneya says:

    DON’T STOP BELIEVIN! Steve Perry is a wonderful man and you are NOTHING but an idiot. This soulful man brought and still brings many fans comfort in “THE VOICE” that IS and will ALWAY be Journey. Dude, you are delusional and are in dire need of prozac. GET A LIFE and better yet “KEEP ON RUNNIN” because you are now “STANDING IN THE LINE OF FIRE” and the fans are gunna get ya!

  11. Please stop bloggin'... says:

    Maybe we should cancel the internet altogether if keeping it means than any cretin with a stupid-ass opinion can pollute the blogosphere with their drivel. Drowningboy, if you insist on persevering, please discover the difference between a fragment and a complete sentence.

    Another (8-3 in the playoffs so far) Woeful Gnat Fan

  12. Mike Jacobson says:

    You obviously didn’t grow up in the 70s-80s, or if you did you were the guy that never got laid. I remember summer nights in my buddies 79 trans am, t-tops off, Journey blasting on the stereo, that was a chick magnet. Now in my late 40’s I sometimes secretly blast Journey in my car on my way to pick the kids up at school. They say “dad why the big grin on your face”? If they only knew.

  13. Steven J. Barr says:

    Black Flag on a Schwinn………..that’s funny, D.B.
    love B.F., it was Led Zep for me
    boneable beats
    always on a Schwinn, my whole life
    had an Orange Krate, with the stick shift
    and slick back tire
    those were the days

  14. Fuck you! says:

    Youre a jealous piece of SHIT!

  15. Talk about JEALOUS!! I can’t believe I’m even wasting a few moments of my life having to inform you that you are nothing but a jealous Steve Perry hater and people like you come every now and then. If you were to Google Steve Perry’s name, you would see that he has more talent in one pinky than you would ever have in ten lifetimes!! If it wasn’t for Stephen Ray Perry being asked to join Journey in 1978, the band Journey would not even have been known right now!!
    And talk about ugly??!! That man is the most sexiest man alive, even at his age now!! Let me see a picture of your face because I already feel your ugly heart and it’s truly DARK!! You’re a poor example of a blogger!!! Steve Perry RULES and always will!!

    • sara says:

      this is so comical except for the sick anger that so easily spews outta too many people these days over a fucking rock/pop band and baseball team!what has happened to priorities!!!

  16. Lisa W says:

    Dude you have your head soooo far up your ass! Everything you said was the opposite of the truth. Must be sad to be you. Either you are just in desperate need of attention (ANY kind of attention) that you are trying to get a rise out of people or you are just that ugly and jealous! Pick one! Or hell, maybe it’s both! Steve Perry always has been and still is the sexiest man on earth. It’s not just his looks either…although, big part! It’s his class and humor. His generosity, not just with himself or his $$$, but with his emotions. Don’t even need to mention his unbelievable voice and talent, but I will just because you have a hard time getting a clue. I will warn you now…Perry fans are the LAST fans you want to fuck with! If I were you…I’d start running now.

    • drowningboy says:

      Flogged by female (of course) Steve Perry fans???

      We can’t wait!!!

      • sara says:

        damn you’re can piss people off to the point of threatening you, over steve fucking perry and a baseball team. what a beautiful world it would be if more of us had been taught to take another persons truth with a grain of salt and get a good laugh from a guy that’s really good at being an asshole, amongst other things.lighten up people.

  17. PERRYSLUV4EVER says:


    • uncle joe mccarthy says:

      not really true

      in sf, we were all into journey pre-perry

      listen to this

    • sara says:

      u seem/feel very angry.much more so than drowningboy.actualy, it feels like u know him personaly and are venting.and if u don’t know him, u give the impression of someone that values sitting on your ass and making money and getting any type of recognition, as long as it’s recognition and spouting off with ordinary, boring insults.i’m sending u good juju/energy now.thank u 4 the opportunity, although i look forward to having fewer of them.

    • sara says:

      i was just re-reading these hate posts toward u and am, again, amazed at the fuct up priorities of these people. this post from perrysluv4ever is a gem. from their post, i’m able to see that their priorities are “SITTING ON UR ASS AND MAKING MONEY LIKE STEVE IS.” and being, “ON THE TO 100 BEST SINGERS LIST FOR THE ROLLING STONES MAGAZINE”. that’s pretty sad. even though the way of these dodo birds is passing, it still amazes me how many of them are still here. drowningboy, you’re rich beyond belief. so am i. thank u for being the vehicle that reminds me of what is real.

  18. uncle joe mccarthy says:

    ya….i remember journey pre perry…they were a good band

    didnt like any of the post perry shlock….but the dude is a giants fan…so props to him

  19. uncle joe mccarthy says:

    speaking of the rubinoos…tommy dunbar just cut this

    fine…its all about self promotion….but its pure power pop…its about the giants…and the rubinoos are all giants fans

  20. Light says:

    I don’t know what the Giants or A… means but I want to say that I love Perry’s voice and beauty has nothing to do with the fact that Perry is a musician or not. What’s that superficial stupid thought.I don’t know the pre-perry Journey but you can’t deny that Perry saved the band and song from the best songs ever. Otherwise why would they take that success???they are known worldwide and I am the proof.I come from Lebanon (have you ever heard of it??).

    • drowningboy says:

      Yes, we have heard of Lebanon (we watch Anthony Bourdain).

      Can you please convince Steve Perry, and his music, to move there.

  21. Steve says:

    For a 62 year old, I am pretty hot.

  22. Kanakalew says:

    I laugh…no one can stir up shit like DB! Whether you agree with his views(and it’s obvious most do not)you have to give him props for fomenting acrimony. Hey, in this case, the first amendment is responsible for some really enjoyable vitriol. I love it! And, it’s good to love. Take a chill pill everyone!

  23. AKANE says:


  24. AKANE says:


  25. Dave Johnson says:

    Did anybody know Steve Perry was working construction in Fresno, Then he got his chance to audition for Journey. It is SAD that you would take a good man and a GREAT SINGER and try to get over on your stupidity! I also take your comments about Geddy Lee to show that, no matter what somebody looks Like, there is so much talent behind those faces. You are truly A Very shallow person, and I am being nice, You are A 9393039853-459

  26. P.D. says:

    I’ve had arthritis/fibromialgia since 1986…pain can turn your world upside down, put expressions on your face that you aren’t even aware of. i wake up in pain, go to bed in pain, so pleaseeeeeeeeeee don’t say anything unkind about this man who has given so much of his personal life at great exspence.

  27. kelly king says:

    I find Steve Perry extremely handsome and sexy at 64 and so interesting. Hes a good catch without his fame. I wish there were more men over 50 out there that looks as good as he does and hes so charming and sweet how could any woman resist. I’m younger and taller than Steve but I find him a total turn on and the total package in every aspect

  28. kelly king says:

    I don’t care about Steves fame or money. I adore Stevie so quit ragging on him. Hes number one in my book and always will be!

  29. tpohil80 says:

    Like the music or not (hey no one likes everything), one has to be pretty fucking ignorant to deny Perry’s vocal brilliance. Criticizing the musical tastes of others is old and trite, something I did in prep school. Schon being out there still touring his ass off and still making music? Isn’t that what it’s all about, putting food on the table? Journey wasn’t out to change the music world, just give fans a good time. It’s not Beethoven people, it’s a pop band, and in some ways one of the best.

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