Ali G/Andy Rooney interview style we’ll be reporting what happened before it happens. Which comes in handy with those pesky blackouts, and balky internet streams.

To eliminate any suspense we will let you, the reader, in on some inside info, should you be using our opinion to wager with.

Every week we will pick us to win.

Uh, we used to.

Norvitis has taken hold of our team, and with New England and their Leif Garrett looking QB coming to town we’re really fucked.

Imagine having to watch that *** heave passes to tiny Wes Welker with no one near either of them.

Imagine Philip Rivers getting pummeled again.

Imagine another special teams disaster.

Imagine our coach sounding as convincing as Wade Phillips at his post game press conference.

Imagine things getting worse.

Every bit of that could transpire on any given Sunday with Norv Turner coaching your team. Just as likely is a win or close loss we’re supposed to gain something from for our playoff run. Hell, we might even make the playoffs. This, San Diego Chargers fans, is our rabbit hole reality.

Anything goes.

All is possible.

Except for one small bling.


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