In between imbibing legal enhancers it occurred to us somewhere around the time the Braves tied tonite’s game, that we were witnessing a Russ Ortiz moment, and the series was officially over.

The Giants had lost.

If for some reason you’ve misread our stoner-love for Lincecum, listed below, as allegiance to the G-Girls, we almost apologize. We’re A’s fans. We hate you.

And don’t want you to win anything.

We’re in extra innings now, and we’re sticking by our popguns because come Sunday you’ll see an ex-Athletic tougher than nails pound the second one into your playoff dreams.

Then we can get back to business as usual.

UPDATE: Can you say “Splash Hit???”


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  1. Catfish Hunter says:

    Whoa, pardner!
    Hey, get a life!

  2. Braves suck. They were lucky that Wagner got hurt because he was getting ready to blow the save.

  3. Ron Meany says:

    ‘They were lucky that Wagner got hurt because he was getting ready to blow the save.”
    I’m a Braves fan, and that is exactly what I was thinking last nite.

  4. Trucker Doug says:

    We’re Giants fans. We barely notice the A’s exist. We’re busy cheering in our sold-out, modern ball-park and enjoying the game.

    Insecure much? Feeling lonely as you and several of your closest friends cheer on the latest AAA rejects the Oakland, err, Fremont, make that San Jose, A’s have signed?

    The A’s are a joke.

    • drowningboy says:

      1989. Laugh at that.

      • vooden says:

        Way to cling to a twenty year old memento. Any actual baseball fan would acknowledge that what’s happening in San Francisco right now is special. Funny thing, your sour grapes don’t even come from having lost to the team that’s going to the World Series. Your sour grapes come from not having anything to root for at all. Next time you’re in SF I’ll buy you a shot and a beer to help you drown your sorrows, you poor sod.

      • drowningboy says:

        Yeah, you’d be rooting your ass for the Dodgers wouldn’t you?

  5. vooden says:

    Well, the Dodgers are an NL West team, and that would give me cause enough to utter the otherwise forbidden phrase “go Dodgers.” You think I’d decide to root for the Rangers/Yankees/Rays in that scenario? And if those Dodgers happened to be the NL team going to the WS against the predictions of pretty much EVERY baseball expert (and no, you ain’t one of those) on the planet, hell yes I’d get behind them. It’s called appreciating the game of baseball.

  6. As an ex-New Yorker Mets fan/Yankee-hater it doens my heart good to see this cross-Bay rivalry. The As have won a lot in their history, not so much the Giants, unless you count the first half of the 20th century. AS an outsider who has only been to one game at each stadium I would have to say that the feeling was better in Oakland. The fans seemed to have a comaraderie and were into the game. In San Francisco they cared more about beating the Dodgers than the fact that they were in a tense pennant race game. Of course the stadium is a lot nicer, but the fans were abrasive and had a condescending attitude towards Oakland.

  7. vooden says:

    If it was the A’s in the WS against any team but the Giants I would be all in behind them. Beyond that it’s Giants first, NL West second, and any NL team third.

  8. vooden says:

    MOST Giants/A’s fans don’t hate each other. What would be the point? It’s a regional rivalry between teams from different leagues and those games are an opportunity to showcase OUR amazing bay area. And here, in October, when only one of those teams is left standing (and their opponent is from God-forsaken Texas) I just don’t understand the hate. GO GIANTS!!!!

  9. drowningboy says:

    Mr. Saunders hit nail on head.

    It’s due to the inherent NL team, we were here first arrogance, we hate the giants.

    Oh, and your pretty park? We worked RIGHT across the street for years. It was better before.

    Now tell us how you would have won in 89 but for the earthquake.

  10. vooden says:

    Keep on hating. We don’t care. Your team will continue to be a farm team for organizations with real postseason aspirations. Oakland Coliseum is a dump. AT&T park is a gem with literally not a bad seat in the park. 4th and King was better as a warehouse? Only if you’re a tweaker looking for a place to crash. And keep clinging to 1989. Now go back to the top of this entry and choke on your own pronouncements. The Braves won ONE game and you gave them the series. You touted ex-A Hudson and how did that game end? You also guaranteed that Philly was going to muscle the Giants in game six and seven. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong again. Sorry buddy, the Giants are the best thing going in Bay Area sports. Enjoy it or sit quitely in the corner.

  11. drowningboy says:

    4th & King is the train station. Idiot.

    Check back when you have 5 trophies.

    Then you can talk.

  12. Vooden, from the tone of your reply you’d think the Giants had actually won something in the last 50+ years. I don’t care that they have a beautiful ballpark — in fact I am against those places since they are, for the most part, built by, and for the corporate suits and the trend-following yuppies who attend. They tore down Shea Stadium, another lovable dump, and put up a much nicer building — Citi Field. But guess what? Tickets are 50% more expensive and a lot of soul has been lost.

  13. vooden says:

    Hilarious. Drowningboy, quit living in the past. Presently the Giants are at center stage and it’s funny to me that it pisses you off. The best you are going to get this year is some hollow chest thumping if the Giants lose. You don’t stand to win diddly. And looking back on the thread you’ve been foaming at the mouth and have been wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Saunders, my tone is that of a fan enjoying a season of dreams. You know what? Seeing the Giants in the 2010 postseason is satisafction enough. Everything else has just been extra helpings. And if you’re so jaded you can’t recognize the Giant’s yard as one of the treasures of the league then I am sorry for you. It has all of the amenities and you can get a field level seat for under $40. The Coliseum is not lovable. It is not Shea. It is just old, and too big for baseball. I have absolutely nothing against the A’s, in fact I wish them great success. But right now the A’s don’t matter. The Yankees don’t matter, The Phillies don’t matter. The Giants and the Rangers matter, and I’m going to enjoy it. Good day.

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