Ali G/Andy Rooney interview style we’ll be reporting what happened before it happens. Which comes in handy with those pesky blackouts, and balky internet streams.

To eliminate any suspense we will let you, the reader, in on some inside info, should you be using our opinion to wager with.

Every week we will pick us to win.

There is no real need to get in depth about this week’s encounter.

It’s only the raiders.

Who will offer Mike Riley era resistance that keeps the fans in the Blackout Hole believing til about the third quarter. At which point the realization that they’re still the same Turds will settle in and we will cruise comfortably, covering the spread, while they’re spreadin’ em.

Sans lube.


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  1. jhemp50 says:

    Awww looks like the bandwagon is a lil empty. You have to streak, and you STILL have no Superbowls. Too bad they don’t give rings for almost winning! lmao! ahhahahahahaha

  2. RaidersFanLaughingAtYou says:

    Nice pick, genius. The Chargers suck.

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