Fear not Charger fans. Slum-Words has a remedy for what ails!!!

Ali G/Andy Rooney interview style we’ll be reporting what happened before it happens. Which comes in handy with those pesky blackouts, and balky internet streams.

To eliminate any suspense we will let you, the reader, in on some inside info, should you be using our opinion to wager with.

Every week we will pick us to win.

We may not be 100% correct, but overall we guarantee we’ll have more W’s than L’s at playoff time.

After that all bets are off.

Week 4. Our season, as always under Norval, kicks off in earnest. Against the lowly Cards. They are a far cry from Coryell’s Cardiac Kids. We will win convincingly.

So we’ll keep it short.

Rivers will throw for 250-260 yards. Mathews will rush for 100 +. Time of possession will be ours. Our D will have multiple sacks and a pair of interceptions. Our coverage team will cover (this week). And whatever the spread is, we will cover that too, on our way to shattering the Chefs short lived dreams.

Imagine, from now on cum Sunday you can relax knowing the outcome and go get something productive done, like mowing the front lawn.

Or your wife’s.


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3 Responses to BOLTS CRAP ON BIRDS

  1. T. Evidence says:

    this was horrible, you can’t spell or even make correct sentences. the blots WILL win the AFC West but c’mon atleast be real about your picks. the bolts will never win anything in the playoffs until the get rid of norv. and they only have 4 years left until their team falls apart……..better start praying

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