Congrats to LT, the ingrate. You rushed for a whopping 76 yards today!!! Initially we mocked you for celebrating 80’s Cane’s style after a 10 yard run. But on a 31 yarder we saw you display the legendary LT burst that all but disappeared between pouting about Philip Rivers and tripping over your feet.

Then blaming it on an O-line that led you to rushing records.

Your preoccupation with being in the public eye after ’06 was pathetic. I surmise Philip Rivers couldn’t care less about Chunky Soup commercials. Philip drives a family van. Perhaps if you’d spent more time honing your aging game instead of doing Vizio ads and blowing Phil Knight you might have won that Super Bowl you surely won’t this year. Or next. If there is one.

Bummer to be a buzzkill but today was a blip. A pimple on Rex Ryan’s ass.

It’ll be as good as it gets. Enjoy it. Call your agent.

You’ll need something to do at home in January.

When you’re watching the Chargers run for the ring with a rookie stronger and faster than you ever were.

Behind an O-line that believes in him.


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  1. Former Charger Season Ticket Holder says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you think the Chargers will ever make a run for the ring.

    I think it speaks volumes that all you fan boys are so obsessed with LT’s stats. Maybe concentrate more on your own team rather than following him around like little puppies. He’s gone. GET OVER IT. He’s much happier where he is now with a coach that he can respect.

    You’re all just upset and whining because he’s actually doing so much better than he did in San Diego with that offensive line. Were he still here, his numbers wouldn’t be this high.

    Loved how classy Tolbert was mocking Jones-Drew on his TD. Everyone celebrates. Grow up.

  2. navaja says:

    LT. Loved him for so long. Now he is getting tattoos of his new team to show his loyalty. He runs with everything to prove behind an O-line of 1st rounders and former 1st rounders. How do you get the number 2 pick in the draft? Oh yeah, you have to suck really bad. Don’t get me wrong I saw the holes. Same ones Thomas Jones ran through for a career year. Holes big enough that I could have ran through them and got at least 10yards. LT is not the same, he is just luckier.

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