On one hand we must confess to admiring Coach Christ for his (in?)famous locker room rant the day he yanked Vernon Davis off the field and banished him to the locker room during the game. Punking him in public for being a problem child.

“Cannot play with them. Cannot win with them. Can’t do it.”

Really good shit Coach. It still resonates.

That’s where our respect stops.

Especially after your latest attempt to intimidate on live TV.

Thank dog Lowell Cohn is around. Leave it to a little Jewish reporter to consistently confront the almighty Christian. To his face! I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for Singletary to suffer the queries of the uninformed, the un-athletic, the un-saved, when on the field he’d have hit them.

In their mouth.

The point of this diatribe isn’t to point out religious flaws, they do a fine enough job of that themselves, but to tell you how happy I am I am NOT a Niner fan. After watching Walsh carve open defenses, manage coaches and players, all the while handling himself with aplomb, except when he skipped across the field after beating the Bengals and his buddy Wyche, it’s easy to spot an imposter.

You, Mike Singletary, can’t coach.

Never could. Never have. Never will.

It’s past time to fess up to that fact. To stop coddling Crabtree. And extolling “eleven”. It’s your time to get right with your god about the fraud you are perpetrating on real football fans.

Bill Walsh would never have worn a cross on the sidelines.

They’re for Goth chicks and rappers.

So, in the name of your savior I implore you to grant us heathens who’d rather stay glued to the tube on Sundays, sodden, an enormous favor. Before the insurrection arrives, use that rope around your neck to drag Bill Cosby out of the building with you.


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